[Link] Privilege And Compassion: Digging Deep Into Kirishima’s Characterization In My Hero Academia Episode 68

A lot has been happening these last few months, as such I probably won’t have a proper blog post for this site until January. I did, however, end up writing this short essay on Tumblr I thought might interest my WordPress audience since I delve deeper into social science concepts than I usually do.

Link -> https://thejolteonmastertj.tumblr.com/post/189239488888/privilege-compassion-digging-deep-into

(Make sure you either click the blue ‘keep reading’ link in the embed, or click the link I provided above)

I also have plans to archive an older essay of mine here sometime this month. It’s a really long one I did for a class that I’m still very proud of. Been thinking of putting it online as a portfolio piece for a while. so look forward to that as well!

Happy Holidays, stay safe, try not to burn too many cookies, and good luck if you are stuck in holiday customer service hell (like me).


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